MMM Show Poem: 4/18/18 KC< MO @ Westport Saloon

Dancing on a house of cards
The cycle of cycles.
No can.
Simply are.
The most focused is the most free.
Sometimes you gotta lose it
To find it.
Every task is an opportunity to find God.
Every breath unique.
If God is Love then
Why do we need two words?
If God is a action.
Why does he need a home
Why does God need walls.
An attraction
Like at the circus
Sideshow God
If God is Love then
Why don’t we capitalize the word love?
If anything is anything else
Then why do we need two words?
I hear every word
Every word you’ve screamed
Every word you never spoke.
Is it enough?
Enough love.
Is it a trick on us.
Is it a rose.
A rose is a rose.
Is it four roses
Is it four wheels.
Four wheels on an axel
Or just one Axel Rose.