Major Matt’s 1st Monday, May 2019 Playlist

Sometimes, for me, May conjures up images of sprites and fairies dancing around a maypole. I’m going to steal an image from a recent Dharma talk I witnessed by a wise fellow named Robert Brumet. The image is of “dancing with our demons.” As our bones continue to thaw and we shake off the winter blues, we may find ourselves inspired to get outside and be more active. It could be interesting to take some of that energy and try dancing with our demons. Dancing is all about rhythm and flow. Sometimes, we have to let the demon lead the dance. Sometimes, we have take that demon, and swing it around, and put it where we need it. And sometimes we have to hold that demon close, for a long slow dance, so after a while, we don’t even notice it’s there anymore. Hopefully, these tunes will inspire you to do a little dancing with your demons this month.

May’s playlist includes songs by FACs, Lovergurl, Post Pink, Big Thief, The Creepy Jingles, Ghost Funk Orchestra, Oneida, Ween, Tortise, Scot Walker and more…

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