Major Matt’s 1st Monday, August 2019 Playlist

I love what music teaches me. When I was a kid, I used to put on a record, lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling, and just listen. At that point in my life, I hadn’t lived long enough to have a lot to reflect upon. Most likely, I fantasized about what life would be like when I was finally an “adult.” I still feel that way sometimes, but having spent decades as a legal grown-up, when I listen to music, now, I’m much more prone to losing myself in thoughts of the past. Music has the power to transport us either backward or forwards in time. And that can be a fun trip. But, for me, it always comes with a touch of melancholy.

My favorite part about listening to music is when it makes me forget about time completely. I love thinking about how the music was made or recorded. I like considering the place or the circumstances under which it was created. But my most profound feelings are when I’m just feeling each bit of sound as it comes. It’s kind of like being held. When I’m fully engaged in that moment of just listening and everything disappears, that’s my favorite part.

I’m happy to be including a song from a past project of mine called Kansas State Flower that showcases the talents of Christy Davis and Julie Delano. Click on the link or check out the Listen tab, above, if you’d like to hear the full album.

Hopefully, this music will allow you to sit down and just listen a little. – MMM

July’s playlist includes songs by Barry Brusseau, Kansas State Flower, Chuck Cleaver, Purple Mountains, Nan Turner, Metz, Peter Gabriel, Logan Park, Peter Gordon and Love Life Orchestra, Bad Heaven Ltd., Manners Manners, Wilco, Lingua Ignota, & Alice Coltrane.

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