Victims Of the Storm demo by Major Matt Mason USA (Youtube)

Releasing this new demo of our song Victims Of the Storm recorded at Olive Juice Music Studios in Shawnee, KS.

Matt Roth – Guitar/ Vox
Brian Hurtgen – Drums
Dane Bridges – Bass

Victims Of The Storm

I’ll compose the music for you spitting in the wind
If you console the memory for the ghost of my old friend
And then we’ll rain a glass for every pass we made it around the horn
Then spill some for the victims of the storm

You can use a switchblade knife to scrape away the tears
And I could spend the rest of my live tickling the ears
Of all my future lovers hiding under covers to get warm
Escaping all the victims of the storm

Do you know where to go and what you’re going for?
The wind calls out: Flowers grow just outside your door.

Meet me in the garden of a place we never knew.
We’ll lay down in the dirt because that’s something we can do.
We’ll close our eyes and dream about another human form.
And dance inside our heads with all those victims of the storms

And get reborn.

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