Major Matt’s 1st Monday, February 2022 Playlist

In 1978 musician Brian Eno released the first in a series of records he would label Ambient works. The album was called “Ambient 1 Music For Airports.”

When most people hear the word Ambient, especially when it comes to music, they probably think of Musak or something meant to be in the background, like music you might hear in an elevator or at the grocery store.

But this only expresses a portion of Eno’s intention. In the record’s liner notes he declares, “Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.

In mindfulness practice we talk about the emptiness in a way that is not dissimilar to Eno’s idea of Ambient music.

Unlike conventional ideas of emptiness, as in void or non existent, through practices like meditation we learn to accommodate others in the form of a safe and roomy container. At the same time, by emptying ourselves of preconceived notions, we allow space to learn from others and grow.

Just like Eno’s notion of Ambient music my practice helps me to find equal amounts of joy whether I am the focus of attention or part of a supportive background.

Below is a playlist of songs that have resonated with me in the past month. I hope they bring more joy to your life. Thanks for listening, MMM

Included are songs by: Leo Nocentelli, David Bowie, Kimya Dawson, Pavement, The Flaming Lips, Shiner, Angel Olsen, Gang Of Four, Myriam Gendron, Ill Considered, Theon Cross, Kaidi Akinnibi, Robyn Hopcraft, Ralph Wyld, The Felice Brothers, The Shaolin Afronauts, The Smile, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, DJ Shadow, Yaima

If you’re in the Kansas City area catch me the first Friday of the months at the miniBar from 7-9ish playing songs from my playlist live as well as a selection of songs from some of my favorite records of the month.

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